Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Article on traffic ovals.

So Bran (I like the irony of the name "Bran") includes a quote from the original article that is massively insulting to those of us who live in DC:

"The games I’m worried about include lane-changing and traffic-dodging. There’s nothing like these traffic ovals in D.C., and it would certainly take a while for travelers to adjust to them — assuming they ever do."

You can't have it both ways, Bran--DC as one of the smartest cities in the nation, evidenced by a list you posted yourself, and DC as a place with drivers too stupid to learn. 

Editor versus ass. editor.

The employment pipeline has been that the assistant editor eventually becomes the editor (at least through the previous three editors, anyway).

So what's the current opinion on the editor versus the assistant editor? What's anyone's sense on potential changes in tone, style, topics, etc.?

DCist Should Not Be a Four-Letter Word

I'll start the ball rolling. We have all noticed the (less than gradual) decline in the quality of the articles in the blog we love to hate, DCist.
We know how accepting we are of new personnel, but I for one bucked the trend of "let's see how he/she works out" or "let's give him/her a chance". I'll say up front I didn't like him from the start. Of course there is his view of what is or isn't Pornography (evidenced by my semi-nude photographs of the coeds on the beach), but it was his attitude that struck me first. I felt it was obvious he didn't like criticism, he felt himself above his readers, and damned be what you are interested in, I'll write about myself.  ... That's all for now, more to follow.