Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Editor versus ass. editor.

The employment pipeline has been that the assistant editor eventually becomes the editor (at least through the previous three editors, anyway).

So what's the current opinion on the editor versus the assistant editor? What's anyone's sense on potential changes in tone, style, topics, etc.?


  1. Sarah seems to have the daily list assignment, of which I am weary. My general impression is the daily posts follow a formula, which, if it didn't mean rehashing a history of Ben's posts, I could probably map out. Basically, it'd look something like this:

    Morning Bullet Points
    Zoo News (because the zoo may kill animals but they're great for page views)
    Daily List
    Lame Cross Post
    A post about Maryland's roads and/or drivers
    Local News (aka opportunity for Ben to showcase his sarcasm)
    Another Lame Cross Post
    About Tonight
    Late-breaking Local News (with more sarcasm)
    Go Home Already

  2. I like Sarah from what I can tell. I think she's knows how to be sarcastic or witty without coming off like a complete douchebag like Ben. I'm just worried that he's held her back and made her do things his way (Washington Football Team for example) that if/when she takes over she'll just continue on with his self-righteousness.


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