Monday, August 5, 2013

#MetroBaby repackaging.

In all honesty, I try not to be too harsh toward the Ist. Blogging one post daily is tough when you're trying to be original, or even just thoughtful. Being responsible for multiple posts a day is even harder.

Today's #MetroBaby post is a new low, though.

I find myself judging Brain's work by college writing standards, which is a separate topic. If one of my former students had handed me an essay that's constructed like the #MetroBaby post is, I'd have failed it. There's essentially no effort to offer any kind of observation or thought to what's already been said about the story. It's a regift.

Hell, maybe most of the Ist is last year's fruitcake.


  1. Is DCist even worth reading anymore?

    1. If there's another reasonable choice, I'm all ears. Is there a general DC blog to which I could switch? Does anyone haunt We Love DC?


    How would you grade the "fate-sealer"?


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